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Turkish bath

Professional construction of swimming pools, spa centers, steam baths, construction of saunas.

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— Turkish bath

A Turkish bath or hamam in Arabic means „warm up, dissipate heat.“ The modern hamam is a relaxation and massage room filled with steam, naturally formed by running warm water in specially made marble troughs. The ceiling of the hamam is in the shape of a dome, with built-in lighting or a glass opening. The floor, walls and lounges are heated, the average room temperature is about 40-50 ° C. Typically, the rooms are coated with marble or ceramics.

Health Benefits:

• cleans the body from toxic substances
• cleans the skin and releases the pores
• removes tension and tiredness
• stabilizes the respiratory system
• relieves the muscle pain
• helps for colds
• helps for insomnia
• has a beneficial effect on the digestive system
• stimulates metabolism

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