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Heating pools

Professional construction of swimming pools, spa centers, steam baths, construction of saunas.

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— Heating pools

Solar collectors

They use solar heat and have no operating expenses. The pool pump takes the water to the collectors, which are usually mounted on roofs or fences. The water is heated by the solar energy and then goes back to the pool. The main disadvantage of solar collectors is that they do not meet the heating needs throughout the whole season. Their efficiency reduces when the weather is cloudy or rainy.

Heat pump

It uses heat from the air (or from the water, depending on its type) and transfers it to the water in the pool. It resembles the operation of air conditioner and is a very efficient method of warming water in private pools. Compared to the electric heater, it consumes significantly less power. It installation is very quickly and easily; does not require special maintenance.
Heat exchanger

Used in the presence of a central heating system with hot water. Hot water from the heating system goes through the primary circuit and warms the water in the secondary circuit coming from the pool.

They can be different in size, capacity and are calculated based on the size of the pool and on the electric power supplied by the heating system.

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