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Production of saunas

Professional construction of swimming pools, spa centers, steam baths, construction of saunas.

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— Sauna

Sauna is a wood-coated room with an air temperature of 80 to 120 ° C. This indicator can vary to reflect the individual’s needs. It is recommended to start using sauna at a lower temperature and gradually increase until the optimal is found.

Many types of saunas are available on the market. Types of sauna can be distinguished by the variations in wood used for their lining.

Here are some types of sauna:

The standard type of sauna (Finnish sauna) is heated by a special electric stove in which volcanic stones are heated. Standard sauna is mainly coated with white pine or northern spruce.

Russian sauna (Russian bath) -) – the main difference with the Finnish is that the warming of the room itself is done through a wood stove.

Innovative infrared sauna considerably lower (40-80 ° C) and impact on the body is accomplished by wall mounted infrared lights.
Also there are other modern options for sauna such as: Herbal or Aroma sauna.

Health Benefits:

• increases immunity

• helps to clear the body of toxins through sweating

• increases the blood oxygen content

• removes headaches and stress

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