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Pool maintenance

Professional construction of swimming pools, spa centers, steam baths, construction of saunas.

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— Pool maintenance

Water disinfection (chemical treatment)

The most commonly used water treatment chemicals in the pool are: sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) for disinfection, algaecide to prevent the occurrence of algae, and a pH regulator (+ or -) of the water’s acidity.

After the building of each pool, we consult our clients about the treatment of the water in it.

There are also alternative methods for water disinfection:

UV disinfection

The ultraviolet rays kill microorganisms and thus drastically reduce the use of chlorine products in water. It consists of a main body and a UV lamp, which should be changed once every few years.

Salt electrolysis

Salt electrolysis generates chlorine from industrial salt that is dissolved in the pool water. Through it, you can completely forget the unpleasant smell of chlorine, red eyes and skin irritations.
Solar cover

It is used in the summer and its main function is to keep the heat of the water at night and to protect the pool from leaves and dirt during the days when it is not used. Moreover, the presence of a solar cover drastically reduces the cost for chemicals during the summer season, making it an obligatory element for every pool.

Winter cover

It is placed when winterizing the pool and makes easier its cleaning in the spring as it protects the water from any kind of dirt. Winter cover also protects you and your family from slipping and falling into the pool during the winter.

• Cleaning the pool

In addition to water disinfection, it is important that the pool is also cleaned. This is most often done with the so-called „vacuum cleaner“ for pools, which consists of a vacuum brush, a telescopic pole and a hose.

Besides, we can offer you a very innovative method of cleaning the pool:

It is a fully automated device; in most cases it has a remote control and a transport cart. You can set the bottom cleaning mode, walls cleaning mode or both. The time and intensity of cleaning your pool can also be adjusted. You only choose the mode of operation and enjoy how the robot cleans for you.

For the convenience of our customers, we offer a subscription plan to clean their pool and treat it during the summer season.

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The proper winterizing of the pool is very important for the protection of its lining, as well as for the protection of all the filtration system elements. It includes:

1. Draining the water in the pool to a certain level (about ten to fifteen centimeters below the water level, depending on the type of filtration)

2. Dismounting the pump

3. Chemical treatment of quartz sand in the sand filter

4. Draining all possible pipes (due to risk of freezing)

5. Placing winterizing floats (preventing damage to the pool lining when freezing) along the perimeter of the pool and diagonally

6. Covering the pool with a winter cover

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