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Construction of steam baths

Professional construction of swimming pools, spa centers, steam baths, construction of saunas.

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— Construction of steam baths

Characteristic for the modern steam bath is its high humidity (up to 80-100%), which is achieved by a steam generator installed near the room. Aroma system can also be added to it, which delivers a flavoring liquid to the steam.

Main varieties of the steam bath:

Classic steam bath – characterized by high humidity and lower temperatures, compared to the sauna. The lining is usuallyglass tiles. Characteristic of the design of the steam bath are the oval shapes, both on the benches and the ceiling of the room.

Roman Bath – the room is arranged in Greek or Roman style, the walls are lined with stone or mosaic, the obligatory element is the column up to the ceiling.

Health Benefits:

• increases blood supply to the skin

• has a positive effect on the central nervous system

• relaxes muscles

• reduces cellulite

• has a positive effect on the respiratory system

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